Startups Fail. All the time.

Some "wind down" and others crash, burning the last people crazy enough to be on the rocket.

We in the tech world, logically, focus on the successes and the bets won. Geniuses. Closers. We are here for the others (in this current moment, because it is a long game after all), the negative space formed by Great Figures.

Sometimes a coffee can mean the world.


Our Mission

We are here to lend a non-judgmental ear or mind to anyone going through the hard times. We can of course lend our experience to help you out, and would love to see people climb out of the pit, but we are also there for the "I don't even know what to ask/say" moments.

Most people will Fall. Sometimes, the Fall is so hard that people do not try again. We cannot change that, but we can try to make a small dent.


How can I get a hold of you?

Email us


If you use email below we will reply immediately

Burner / Skype


If you want to talk over phone, please email us and we can arrange a call on Burner or Skype to protect your anonymity.



If you live in the Los Angeles area, and immediacy is not key, we will try to meet with anyone that really needs it.

*Please note: It is a small world. We want people to be as open as possible, so we recommend people know our real names to make sure we are as open as possible. Anyone can contact us anonymously or with their real name. We can also put you in touch with someone else in case you prefer to not talk to Bobby or Diego.